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The Hiring process to find the best job fit candidate is a crucial stage for recruiters of an organization. The Recruitment assessment is designed to sort the corporate hiring of bulk candidates, effective costing, and quality of hire. Recruitment is a process that needs to unbiased and precise to hire job fit candidates with qualified skills and domain knowledge.

Syscom Assessment provides systematic and centralized mechanisms to handle the entire employee life cycle starting from pre-employment assessment to post-employment assessment

Simply Generate Assessment

Determine the phases of recruitment assessment to screen the talented candidates in various job fit requirements. The platform helps the organization in the first level of employment screening like Aptitude assessment, behavioral assessment, psychometric assessment, and domain knowledge assessment. Along with the several assessments, it centralizes the further interview rounds with virtual solutions like Video interviews


Design the Assessment

Create and design the asssessment covering relevant questions essential along with the customised feature to identify the best fit candidate for the organization.

Invite Candidates

Attract large number of candidates to be a part of recruitment through automate email which consumes few minutes & access the huge data.


Shortlist Talent

Get Instant reports and automate evaluation which helps you to sort the eligible candidates and proceed to next level of screening


Video Interviews

Recruiter can switch to next level of screening i.e., video Interview with Syscom Assessment.

Centralised Hiring

Record and centralise the hiring of particular domain that allows recruiter to get in touch later when needed.

Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring will secure the process of video interview which allows recruiter for unbiased judgement.

Downloadable Access

Recruiter can also download the entire data of screening in different formats (excel).

Improvises the Selection Method

Automate Evaluation to measure candidate job fit capabilities

Centralize the Employee life-cycle

Hire Job fit talent

Hire Remote location candidates from one place

Record Video Interviews